Your trusted partner in helping to choose the right Manufacturer

Severcap offers high quality mechanical and electromechanical parts, manufactured based on customer drawings and requirements

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About us

Severcap is a business development service provider helping Customers to find the proper Manufacturer. For over than 10 years, Severcap has gathered a trusted Manufacturer data base and now can truthfully provide the most suitable offers to Customer.
Our focus is on Customers who operate in military, automotive and industrial segment.


Each project is being investigated individually and upon necessity, a technical support can be provided. Our staff makes sure received documents are proper and correct and does the Manufacturer evaluation as per the best practice based on Customer requirements. This includes Manufacturer feasibility, cost review and auditing the Manufacturer in site or online as an extra service.

Team and Network

Severcap background consists of experienced staff in electronics, technical engineering, and business management.
We believe, selected group of Manufacturers is the key to get the best performance and quality that corelates with price.


We believe, quality of supplied goods is the key of successful and continuous business. Severcap makes sure the right Manufacturer is chosen for each project and the goods are produced properly and delivered in excellent condition.
Upon customer demand, all related quality documents can be supplied.
Our data base consists of experienced and certified companies that operates in the market for over than 10 years.

  • Our Mission

Severcap mission is to create
an efficient and reliable partner network
to ensure a stable long-term business relationship
between Severcap and Customer

  • Our Vision
Following best practice standards,
Severcap expects to create a strong network that will be integral part to Customer.
  • Our Values

Strategic and lean approach
Ability to set the right goal
Aim to achieve the goal
Strong partnership


  • Address: Gogola st. 10-23 Riga, LV-1050, Latvia
  • +371 29376209